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Adult Graduation



The NAHRO Merit College Scholarship Program awards $1,000 each to eight scholars, one from each NAHRO region, who are pursuing their first post-secondary degree. Each NAHRO region submits an applicant of their choice from their own scholarship program. The Pacific Northwest Reginal Chapter is sponsoring an additional scholarship of $500 to their regional applicant. The regions’ scholarship applications then are judged by the NAHRO Scholarship Committee, which is comprised of Housing America Advisory Committee members.


Scholarship Awards:

  1. One scholarship applicant to the PNRC will receive a $500 award.

  2. The winner of the PNRC scholarship, will receive another $1,000 award from

  3. From the eight recipients from the all regional scholarship contests, a second-place
    scholarship winner will receive an additional $2,000 award.

  4. From the eight recipients, a first-place scholarship winner will receive an additional
    $5,000 award.


Scholarship funds for Merit College Scholarship winners are sent directly to the scholarship winner’s accredited institution of higher education once proof of registration is received.

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