Congress has only two weeks to prevent another government shutdown. Visit NAHRO’s Advocacy Action Center today and tell your legislators today to finalize FY 2019 Transportation-HUD spending.

After an historic, 35-day government shutdown, Congressional leadership and the White House agreed to reopen the government until Friday, February 15, just two weeks from today. However, the disagreement over border security has still not been resolved and spending for nine government departments and agencies is tied to the political disagreement. Congress needs to approve additional spending to prevent another shutdown when the current CR expires.

Your voice was a critical factor in putting pressure on elected officials to end the shutdown; media reports listed impacts on rental assistance programs as a reason lawmakers voted to reopen the government. NAHRO members sent over 3,300 letters in January during the shutdown.

Make sure that your members of Congress know how harmful the shutdown was in your community and how important it is to prevent another.

Visit NAHRO’s Advocacy Action Center to send letters to your legislators right now.

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