Thank you, NAHRO advocates, for sending 1,000 letters to Congress more than one week before our deadline! Because of your continued dedication to communicating critical housing and community development needs to your members of Congress, more than 300 individuals have sent 1,000 letters to their legislators.

If you have not already contacted your members of Congress about the importance of finalizing FY 2017 Transportation, Housing, and Urban Development spending, there’s still time — Congress doesn’t reconvene until next week.

Next week, everyone will return to Washington for what’s known as the “lame duck” session, whether they won their race or if they’re retiring at the end of the year.  When they return, Congress must deal with government spending before the current continuing resolution (CR) expires on Friday, December 9.

Congress has a few options to avoid a government shutdown during the lame duck session: pass another continuing resolution to a later date to punt any decision-making until the new Congress; pass a year-long CR that would fund the government at FY 2016 levels for the full 2017 fiscal year; approve individual spending bills in smaller packages or “minibuses”; or approve all 11 remaining appropriations bills in one “omnibus” package.

Operating the government on short-term CRs creates uncertainty and causes problems with some housing and community development programs. Additionally, a year-long CR signifies the failure of regular order and the ability of Congress to fulfill their obligation to the nation to make deliberate spending decisions. Funding the government off a year-long CR can also create problems within programs with costs that rise yearly. Rather than relying on CRs to fund the government beyond December 9, Congress should approve a year-long T-HUD bill to provide responsible funding levels for housing and community development programs.

Thank you to all of our advocates who have taken a stand for responsible housing and community development spending in FY 2017. If you have not sent letters to your legislators urging them to finalize FY 2017 T-HUD spending during the lame duck session, please do so today

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