NAHRO Certification™

What is it and what makes NAHRO Certification™ the best?

Watch the “Why Certification?” video from the Institute of Credentialing Excellence (ICE) on NAHRO Certification™ homepage.

Objectives of NAHRO Certification are to:

  • Provide an acknowledgement (certification) of an individual’s demonstrated mastery of specific knowledge and skills;
  • Permit employers to distinguish current and prospective employees relevant to their demonstrated knowledge of specific areas of agency expertise.

What is certification and why is it important to you, your agency, and the public?

The certification of specialized skill-sets affirms a knowledge and experience base for practitioners in a particular field, their employers, and the public at large.  Certification represents a declaration of a particular individual’s professional competence.

Certification affects employers, employees, and consumers. These groups can appreciate the following benefits:

  • Employers recognize the establishment of a professional standard for individuals in a particular field
  • Employers can make better informed hiring decisions based on these professional standards
  • Employers experience a more productive, highly-trained workforce
  • Employees gain prestige and a competitive advantage over non-certified individuals in the same field
  • Employees gain employment opportunities as a result of this competitive advantage
  • Employees may receive higher wages in the form of bonuses, education assistance, or higher salaries
  • Consumers can make more informed decisions about qualified providers
  • Consumers are protected from incompetent and unfit practitioners

Equal to the benefits of certification is the importance of establishing an underlying certification program based on best practices and recognized processes and procedures developed by the field of certification.  The Institute of Credentialing Excellence (ICE) serves as the member-based organization for the field of certification to enhance professional excellence and ensure the competency of certification. NAHRO is proud to be a member.  Visit the ICE Homepage for more information.

 Certification Developed According to Accreditation Standards

NAHRO believes that any certification needs to be held to the highest standards. Therefore, we have developed our certifications using established accreditation standards, which include:

  • Education – NAHRO allows for a variety of venues to complete the educational components, including in class instruction, e-Learning, and consideration of other providers’ education.
  • Experience – Tasks skills and abilities require measurement from practical application. NAHRO believes that a minimal level of on-the-job experience prepares associates for certification. Additionally, extensive on the job experience is acknowledged in each certification track.
  • Exam/Assessment – Certification requires validation of ability, and viable certifications are measured by exams and assessments, NAHRO understands and embraces this concept.
  • Ethics – Most of NAHRO’s members receive federal or government funds and as a result, create an environment requiring public trust. NAHRO is built on an ethical foundation and insists that all certifications provide exposure and guidance on professional ethical conduct.
  • Re-certification or Certification Maintenance – The industry is always changing, thus requiring all recipients obtain continuing education in order to keep their certification active.
For further information regarding NAHRO Certification, contact: or Blake Pavlik, Director-NAHRO Certification, at or 877-866-2476 ext. 6261

Current Certifications

NAHRO Public Housing Manager Certification
Certified Public Housing Manager (C-PHM)

NAHRO Commissioners Certification
NAHRO Commissioner Certification (NCC)

NAHRO Occupancy Certifications
Certified Specialist of Occupancy-Public Housing (CSO-PH)
Certified Specialist of Occupancy-Housing Choice Vouchers (CSO-HCV)

NAHRO Inspection Certifications
Certified Specialist of Inspection-Housing Quality Standards (CSI-HQS)
Certified Specialist of Inspection-Uniform Physical Condition Standards (CSI-UPCS)

NAHRO Operations Management Certifications
Certified Manager of Property Operations (CMPO)
Certified Manager of Voucher Operations (CMVO)

NAHRO Executive Management Certification
Certified Management Executive (CME)