NAHRO has learned additional information about payments for the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program and the Public Housing (PH) program. The regular payment schedule for these two programs was interrupted by the federal government shutdown. Absent a full-year budget or a full-year continuing resolution (CR), which would have funded the government at the previous year’s levels, the government shut down. While enough money remained for January and February payments, the likelihood of future payments while the government remained shut down was in question. The government reopened a few days ago with funding until February 15.

This additional funding has given HUD additional money to make payments. NAHRO has learned from HUD that the HCV program will have full funding for payments for the months of February and March. While HUD did not specify whether this was both administrative fee and housing assistance payments, we believe that it is. At this time, it is unclear whether there will be full funding for an April payment, but HUD hopes that it will be near full funding levels. The funds will be made available by February 15. On the Public Housing side, the March, April, and May payments will be made at a proration of in the mid- to high-80 percent range. HUD should be making an official communication with agencies soon. 

Full funding in later months this year may be determined by whether there is a full-year CR, a partial-year CR, a final budget, or a government shutdown. Your voice was critical to ending the shutdown- NAHRO members sent over 3,300 letters to elected officials. Your voice is needed again to urge Congress to adopt a full-year Transportation-HUD bill immediately. Visit NAHRO’s Advocacy Action Center to send letters to your members of Congress.

As NAHRO learns additional information, we will keep our members informed through additional Direct News emails and the NAHRO Blog.

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