On behalf of the membership, NAHRO Acting CEO John Bohm on Monday sent a letter to Congressional leadership urging them to approve full-year FY 2017 spending during the lame duck session. Visit NAHRO’s Advocacy Action Center to send an identical letter to your legislators urging them to tell leadership to address full-year FY 2017 spending immediately.

After Congress returned to Washington, DC last week, President-Elect Trump signaled to Congress that he would prefer they approve a short-term continuing resolution that would last until March 31. This would postpone spending decisions for an additional three months and would result in six months of the fiscal year being funded through CRs. 

Operating the government on CRs creates uncertainty and causes problems with some housing and community development programs. Congress should do their job and approve a full-year Transportation, Housing and Urban Development (T-HUD) bill as quickly as possible.

The letter sent to Congressional leadership outlines the problems that arise from funding the government through a series of CRs and urges leadership to reconsider the decision to postpone these critical spending issues until March 31. Your help is needed to ensure this message resonates with leadership; please send an identical letter to your legislators urging them to put pressure on the leadership to wrap up spending decisions before the end of the calendar year. Timing is critical. After Congress returns from the Thanksgiving break, there are only eight legislative days until the expiration of the current CR, so please take action today. 

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