On April 4, HUD will publish a request for specific policy proposals and methods of research and evaluation for the Moving to Work (MtW) Demonstration expansion. The 2016 Consolidated Appropriations Act (the Act) authorized HUD to expand the MtW demonstration program by adding an additional 100 high-performing public housing agencies (PHAs) over a period of seven years. The Act requires agencies be added to the MtW Demonstration by cohort and that HUD direct one specific policy change to be implemented per cohort to facilitate the evaluation of that policy. HUD is seeking comments on specific policy proposal recommendations and is also seeking comments on research and evaluation proposal recommendations for each cohort in the expanded MtW Demonstration.

HUD is seeking specific policy proposal recommendations that relate to three MtW Demonstration objectives. These include: cost effectiveness, self-sufficiency, and housing choice. More specifically, HUD is interested in the following policy areas:

  • Increasing the movement of low-income families to high-opportunity neighborhoods;
  • Improving education outcomes through housing partnerships;
  • Using administrative flexibilities to reduce costs and improve operations, governance, and financial management;
  • Structuring alternative rent-setting methods;
  • Streamlining admissions, occupancy policies, or both (i.e., work requirements, time limits, waitlist preference alterations);
  • Developing strategies to better utilize project-based vouchers;
  • Improving the health and well-being of elderly and disabled residents;
  • Achieving the goal of ending homelessness for families, veterans, youth, and the chronically homeless; and,
  • Cultivating supportive or sponsor-based housing policies.

Current MtW agencies, PHAs hoping to participate in the MtW expansion, and all other NAHRO members that have specific policy proposal recommendations are encouraged to contact NAHRO staff to provide their feedback and insights for NAHRO’s policy recommendations.

Comments and recommendations are due 30 days after the date of publication in the Federal Register.

HUD’s request can be found here: https://federalregister.gov/a/2016-07663.

NAHRO’s past reporting on the MtW expansion can be found here: http://www.nahro.org/news-content/fy-2016-omnibus-public-housing.

Questions or recommendations? Contact Eric Oberdorfer at eoberdorfer@nahro.org or Tushar Gurjal at tgurjal@nahro.org.

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