Homelessness doesn’t exist in a box. Dealing with — or not dealing with it — sends ripples throughout a city.

A new report commissioned by the city of Eugene made that abundantly clear last week.

Eugene hired a New York-based firm, Project for Public Spaces, to offer suggestions on how to make downtown public spaces more welcoming, active and safe.

This was the latest in a series of efforts by city officials, stretching back decades, to revitalize downtown Eugene.

The authors of the report bluntly told city officials that downtown Eugene has reached a “crisis level.” Key words frequently used to describe the city center included “dirty,” “unsafe,” and “dangerous.”

This did not surprise many — if any — local residents.

The Project for Public Spaces suggested possibilities for downtown Eugene such as upgrades to the Park Blocks, improvements to Kesey Square, new open-air eateries and public events.

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