The movers have arrived at the Hinton household. They load up boxes onto dollies and wheel them out the door.

This apartment is full of memories for brothers Kevin and Kelvin Hinton. Kelvin, 12, points to the corner of their bedroom, where the Xbox used to be. “We played a lot of games. That’s when we bonded,” he said.
In the other corner of the room is where they kept their pet hamsters, Kayla and Sam. They’re buried in the backyard now.

The Hintons have lived at Seattle’s Yesler Terrace for 11 years. They’re moving to a newer building within the complex.

Yesler Terrace, built in 1941, was the first racially integrated housing project in the nation. Federal support for public housing has slowed to a trickle recently, but Yesler Terrace is undergoing a massive rebuild. Shiny new apartment buildings are replacing the old row houses. It’s one of many places where Seattle will rely on developers to help pay for affordable housing.

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