HCV & PH Rent

Calculation Certification:

Training Provided by National NAHRO – 2.5 DAY CERTIFICATION

*Must be Pre-Registered to Attend

Description: This course provides intermediate training in rent calculation for the public housing and housing choice voucher programs. The course also explores strengthening math skills and addressing math challenges in rent calculation through rigorous assignments and study. 

Who should attend?  Intake Specialist, Occupancy Specialist, Quality Control Specialist, Housing Specialist

Objectives: Attendees will further develop their skills to properly calculate rent as the result of identifying income, assets; properly calculating them, and applying the appropriate deductions to accurately calculate rent in public housing and housing choice voucher programs.


Training Provided by US Inspection Group – 2 DAY TRAINING

*Must be Pre-Registered to Attend

You will find that our training isn’t like anything you’ve attended before…our unrelenting goal is to make you a High Performer! The difference in UPCS and the NSPIRE standards is so great that you must start planning for this new protocol now.

We have been conducting REAC prep classes since the inception of REAC, having trained both inspectors and housing agencies nationwide. Our exclusive training class is formatted to make the most of your valuable time. Whether you plan on inspecting your units with your own staff or outsource the inspections, you will find that this training will educate your staff allowing you to maximize your REAC score without breaking the bank. Our training will include an in-depth review of the ENTIRE NSPIRE protocol coupled with a detailed study of the each inspectable areas. Using hundreds of actual photos, our instructor will educate you on what to look for in EVERY area of your property.

Summary of Training: Our instructor (one of the nation’s first REAC Certified Instructors) will educate you on every aspect of the NSPIRE)…including year’s worth of “tricks” and helpful tips on preparing for the REAC inspection.

Who should attend: Everyone from the seasoned property manager to the newest maintenance mechanic

Items Provided (for each participant):

  1. Exclusive Inspection GuideBook – The industry’s only field chart with easy to understand inspection standards for all 3 inspectable areas.
  2. Electronic File Containing Valuable REAC Material – This file contains all recent REAC Updates, NSPIRE Definitions, Compilation Bulletin, Appeal Forms and Instructions, and much, much more.
  3. Proficiency Exam and Certificate – Each participant that passes the Proficiency Exam will receive an NSPIRE Proficiency Certificate
  4. Hands-On Experience (in-field) – With the assistance of the staff we will inspect several building exteriors, systems, common areas and units. We will “put into practice” what we have learned regarding NSPIRE and setting proper priorities

Once participants have completed USIG’s training session, they will fully understand these new and challenging inspection standards

HQS Certification:

Training Provided by National NAHRO – 3 DAY CERTIFICATION

* Must be Pre-Registered to Attend

Description: Looking to effectively and efficiently complete your HQS inspections? Inspections play a huge role in the leasing and recertification process. You’ll learn all you need to plan, prep, and conduct your inspections, as well as how to communicate with residents and landlords about inspection related matters.

Who should attend?  Section 8 Housing and other housing inspectors, Supervisors and managers of employees assigned to complete HQS inspections

Objectives: After completing this training, participants will be able to identify Section 8 pre-inspection and inspection preparation and procedures, successfully work with landlords and residents, improve problem solving and conflict resolution skills, accurately conduct HQS inspections and identify and avoid common inspection pitfalls and HUD findings

Fair Housing Training:

Training Provided by National NAHRO – 2 DAY CERTIFICATION

*Must be Pre-Registered to Attend

Description: This training focuses on Fair Housing laws and regulations for Assisted Housing Programs, with an emphasis on the Public Housing and Housing Vouchers.

Together we will explore the basics of Fair Housing and then take a deep dive into processes, program specific requirements, best practices, complaints, and resolutions, ADA/504 standards, and reasonable accommodation requests, and how to process them.

We will review and discuss the impacts of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), the newest protected classes, Limited English Proficiency (LEP), and other federal provisions, as well as how to avoid and/or address Fair Housing violations, voluntary compliance agreements, and special conditions that may be required by HUD or DOJ.

Who should attend? Executive Directors, Deputy Executive Directors, Supervisors of both Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher programs, Property Managers, Specialists of both Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher program

Objectives: After completing this training, participants will be able to understand Fair Housing laws and regulations that affect affordable housing programs, create, and maintain processes, policies, and procedures to ensure compliance, identify and eliminate barriers to promote Fair Housing within the ever-changing regulatory environment · Anticipate and avoid complaints and compliance issue

HUD Financial Training:

Training Provided by HUD – 2 DAY TRAINING

*Must be Pre-Registered to Attend

Topics to be covered: Developing a Cost Allocation Plan, Transitioning to MTW, RAD, Voucher Management System (VMS) Reporting, HCV Two-Year-Tool, HCV Update and Other Miscellaneous Voucher Topics, Public Housing Update. This training will qualify for 16 hrs. of CPE included. Click here for (draft) full class agenda.

Procurement & Contract

Management Training:

Training Provided by National NAHRO – 2.5 DAY CERTIFICATION

*Must be Pre-Registered to Attend

Description: Join us for a refresher on procurement basics, including basic procurement requirements, 24 CFR 200, procurement standards, competition, methods of procurement, cost and price analysis, awarding agency, bonding requirements, regulatory documents, actions requiring HUD approval, roles and responsibilities, ethics, procurement policy, employment training opportunities, procurement methods and processes, and more.

Who should attend? Procurement staff, Contract Administrators, Property/Asset Managers, Maintenance Supervisors/Directors, Capital Fund Managers

Objectives: After completing this training, participants will be able to:

  • Apply basic procurement requirements to administer a compliant program
    • Conduct fair and competitive procurements
    • Effectively plan for your agency’s procurement and contract needs
    • Promote and increase work with Section 3 and Women and Minority Businesses (W/MBE)
    • Identify best practices for documentation and contract filing systems
    • Effectively administer your contacts to ensure your agency maximizes its dollars and resources