“I certainly hope you’re planning to be with me all seven years.” That’s the first thing President Donald Trump said to Ben Carson during a recent meeting, the secretary of Housing and Urban Development tells Newsmax.

That will undoubtedly surprise some, coming after widespread speculation last month Carson was on his way out of the Cabinet.

Carson’s relationship with Trump, as well as his vision for the HUD and urban America were some of the things the only black member of the president’s Cabinet discussed with Newsmax in an exclusive sitdown Wednesday.

Trump reportedly was furious over widespread press reports in March that Carson had attempted to buy a $31,000 new dining room set for his 10th floor office at the department’s Washington, D.C., building.

Carson received a three-page letter from the House Government Reform Committee demanding information about the situation. The letter was followed by a hearing in which the secretary testified. Eventually the dining room set order was canceled.

“This was just the latest,” Carson said, expressing his frustration with news reports he believes unfairly target him. “It’s been this way since I’ve been here: ‘He goes to the Bible meetings, he’s eating a donut the taxpayers paid for, he’s trying to fire people he doesn’t know even exist’ — one thing after another. It’s frustrating.”

The stalwart conservative believes the liberal media is so intent on bringing him down “they settled on the furniture and thought, ‘This is something we can make stick.’

“The bottom line is, I found out about the furniture, we canceled the order, zero cost to the taxpayer. We put in place regulations and controls so that that kind of thing can never happen again. That’s what people should be happy with.”

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