August recess is in full swing!  Take action today to support legislation to ease the administrative burden that small agencies face and help NAHRO achieve its goal of sending 1,500 letters to Capitol Hill this month!

The Small Housing Agency Opportunity Act (S. 2292/H.R. 4816), commonly referred to as SHARP, would relieve costly administrative burdens and enable small housing authorities managing 550 units or fewer public housing units and Section 8 vouchers combined to address the day-to-day needs of their residents more effectively. To learn more about this critical legislation, visit NAHRO’s web site.

Your support is needed to get this important bill signed into law! Send a letter to your legislators urging them to show their support for small agencies by becoming a co-sponsor of SHARP.

Once you’ve sent your letter, tweet about it using the hashtag #NAHROadvocacy.

SHARP has been introduced three times — in the 112th, 113th, and currently in the 114th Congress.  The bill was drafted based upon recommendations made by NAHRO and PHADA. The original SHARP proposal is premised on the need to reform the regulatory regime applicable to small housing authorities and includes suggestion first made in an IBM Business Consulting Service report for HUD.  Key provisions in the bill reduce administrative burdens for both agencies and HUD.  The provisions of the bill are designed to provide long over-due flexibility necessary to improve services to residents.  We believe that once enacted, SHARP will enable HUD to target scarce resources where risks are the greatest and we believe the bill would go a long way towards reforming HUD’s oversight and monitoring processes.

Thank you so much for your participation in week two of NAHRO’s August recess advocacy campaign! 

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