The 2016 election may have been marked by deep partisan divides, but all sides of the political spectrum agree that the nation’s infrastructure is failing and the federal government should step in to help. Exactly what should be included in such an infrastructure package is still being debated and housing is frequently left out of the conversation. You only have two days left to take action – email your members of Congress today to tell them to include housing in any infrastructure package!

Several proposals have been drafted thus far. While the Administration’s infrastructure proposal in the FY 2018 budget makes no mention of housing, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer did include a substantial investment in housing in his infrastructure blueprint, which was released earlier this year. Neither proposal has been formally introduced as legislation, and the conversation is still ongoing. We must help our elected officials and other stakeholders realize that housing is a vital part of our nation’s infrastructure.

Shape the conversation today by writing to your member of Congress and demanding that housing concerns be prioritized and included within the larger infrastructure debate. Include your own stories of how the public housing infrastructure in your community is as important as roads and sewers.

Once you have sent your letter, tweet at your elected officials to make sure they keep paying attention. You can find their Twitter handles on their websites. Here are some sample tweets to guide you:· 

  • Housing is an infrastructure issue and should be included in the debate #NAHROAdvocacy 
  • Housing is essential to the nation’s infrastructure! #NAHROAdvocacy

Thank you for your efforts throughout the past four weeks of NAHRO’s August Advocacy. Help us reach our goal  of 2,500 letters sent – take action today!

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