August recess is in full swing!  Take action today to urge Congress to ease the administrative burden that small agencies face! Even if you are not a small housing agency, it’s important that all members of Congress hear from the entire industry about the regulatory burdens that have an outsized impact on small agencies.

Given the limited Federal funding due to budget caps and sequestration, reforms are necessary to provide needed flexibility to hardworking, responsible affordable housing providers. Otherwise, diminished resources combined with over-regulation will further limit our ability to meet the needs of currently assisted families and — more significantly — those in need who have yet to be served.  

Legislators are hearing you! During recent Congressional hearings, several members of Congress have raised the issue of overburdened small housing authorities who they’ve met in their states and districts. Your personal stories are getting through, but we haven’t reached every legislator yet. When you take action this week, please take the time to edit the pre-drafted letter to include your story, your agency’s story, or the story of your colleagues who run small agencies. Be sure to pass these stories along to NAHRO staff – email John Bohm ( and Tess Hembree ( after you send your letters.

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