August Advocacy, Week 2: Health and the Capital Fund

We are halfway through NAHRO’s second week of August Advocacy! While members have sent dozens of letters, we are still short of our 2,500-letter goal. Please send an Action Alert today to show your support for adequate funding of the Public Housing Capital Fund.

As Congress works on finalizing appropriations for the FY2018 budget, it is crucial that housing advocates across the country educate members of Congress on the detrimental impacts underfunding the capital fund would have on the long-term sustainability of public housing and the health of its residents.

Because of budget cuts, PHAs have been unable to make necessary repairs to their buildings and, as a result, the health of residents has been negatively impacted. Aging, poorly maintained infrastructure has been proven to cause asthma, respiratory illnesses, and elevated blood-lead levels. It is therefore critical that Congress increases the capital fund so that the health of thousands of residents nationwide can be protected.

Take action today:

  1. Join the Preservation and Health Campaign to receive updates, informational material, and advocacy plans. Email John Bohm, Tess Hembree, or Mukta Ghorpadey to be added to the team.
  2. Send us stories that articulate exactly how your agency would be impacted by funding cuts – email them to Tess Hembree.
  3. Send an Action Alert that will educate Congress on this important issue. 
  4. Lastly, spread the word by posting to social media. Connect with your lawmakers on Twitter and Facebook and encourage them to fully fund Public Housing. Use the #AugustAdvocacy hashtag on your tweets.

By participating in NAHRO’s August Advocacy, you are contributing to a national movement to address the health crisis facing public housing. Thank you for all your continued efforts in this critical time.


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