The government shutdown could affect people who get help from the government like seniors who live in buildings run by the the Allegheny County Housing Authority.

On the Allegheny County Housing Authority’s website, it explains how the Department of Housing and Urban Development has enough money to ensure February payments for housing assistance and utility allowance payments, but HUD doesn’t have enough money to make the payments for March if the government shutdown continues.

That worries the people who live in John Fraser Hall in Turtle Creek and are on a fixed income.

Dee Willis, who is a resident, said, “Some of us don’t even get past $800 a month. What is that to live on? People are scuffling with $800 or less, and then you want to come and take from them. That’s not right at all.”

Another resident, Phyllis Kenning, said, “I can’t even have my grandson or grandchild during the week because then I have no food.”

The Allegheny County Housing Authority wants people to reach out to their congressional representatives and demand that a fiscal year 2019 appropriations bill for HUD be passed.

Harold McKamey represents the residents and said, “I’m doing everything I can to inform all the seniors in my building.”

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