We are less than two weeks away from the expiration of another short-term federal spending bill and Congress still needs to make critical decisions about the current fiscal year, including programs at the Department of Housing and Urban Development. NAHRO is asking its membership to send 2,000 letters before government funding runs out on Friday, December 20.

Why should you send this letter? The political environment in Washington, DC is chaotic, and the recent focus of the nation’s capital has not necessarily been on its responsibility to fund federal departments and agencies. It’s incredibly important to remind your legislators and the White House that they still need to focus on the unfinished appropriations work in FY 2020. Your voice as a constituent is powerful and this message needs to be conveyed.

NAHRO has made it easy to send letters. If you are a national NAHRO member, you can download the NAHRO mobile app and send letters directly from the app- instructions on how to download and use the app are available here. If you’re not a national NAHRO member or prefer not to download an app, you can send the letter directly from NAHRO’s web site (no log-in required) on their Advocacy Action Center.

Given the urgency of the funding deadline, I encourage you to send the letter multiple times before December 20th.  

Thank you so much for everything you do for our region and for your community.

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