Hello Housers,

Although it has been a full year, it feels like the NAHRO Sr. VP campaign began yesterday! This has been a very rewarding and educational experience for me.  I have visited many conferences and met thousands of talented and dedicated PEOPLE who were eager to share ideas and regularly offered me kind words of support. I learned about the struggles that are both shared across the country and unique to specific areas. These experiences have continually pointed to the need for a leader who listens to understand and then moves to action. I am that leader.

As a member organization, it is critical that we understand and meet the needs of our members. We have small agencies that are in need of training or are unsure about how to approach the MTW opportunity. We must be innovative and help them through this process. We have agencies who have excelled at RAD and have shifted their units into a new portfolio but still need professional development and connection. We must be the organization our Community Development and RAD agencies turn to. We have MTW agencies who are looking for an organization to call their home. We must make NAHRO that organization. And we have city department agencies who feel that their hands are tied and are not heard in their communities. We must help them find their voice. I have listened. I understand the need and I am prepared to be at the table as we work to meet those needs, fulfilling NAHRO’s PURPOSE.

Although we have been utilizing “partnerships” in our own communities for years, this is the new buzzword with HUD. I am skilled at identifying opportunities and creating partnerships. I will work to develop national relationships that can be implemented in your communities in order save your valuable resources while bringing greater opportunity for self-sufficiency to the families you serve.

At this tumultuous time in our industry, policy is a critical piece of NAHRO’s work. As industry practitioners, WE know best what will work for our programs and families. We should be at the table driving policy as opposed to letting Congress and HUD pitch curveballs at us. History has shown how easily we can strike out with that approach. Quite frankly, it is our residents and our communities who lose when that happens. We must drive policy while advocating for sensible budgeting and reform. I have worked closely with NAHRO staff over the years as I have successfully engaged Senator Crapo on our issues and garnered his support. As your Sr. VP, I will continue this work on the national level.

Please visit the NAHRO webpage to learn more about my PASSION for our work and those who have endorsed my campaign.  I have worked to create a campaign that is representative of the members, agencies, and needs of our entire country.  Join these regions, states, and individuals by voting for me on October 2nd. I look forward to continuing my service to you and our industry.

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