With HUD and USDA shutdown, the number of low-income households affected by the government shutdown — as well as the local jurisdictions managing affordable housing and related programs — increases daily.

embers of the Campaign for Housing and Community Development Funding (CHCDF) have reached out to congressional leaders about the effects of the government shutdown on affordable housingand community development programs impacting low-income households.

More than four million households that depend on HUD’s rental assistance and other programs may become destablilized, according to CHCDF. While public housing authorities received January funding and expect to receive February funding, a continued shutdown means they will not be able to make rent subsidy payments to landlords for March 1st, meaning tenants could face eviction.

Upwards of 85,000 households — the elderly or people with disabilities — are already affected by 1,150 Section 8 project-based assistance contracts up for renewal and suspended as of January 3rd, according to CHCDF’s Impacts of Government Shutdown on Affordable Housing Programs fact sheet that can be reviewed and downloaded below. The number of expiring contracts would increase in January and February.

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